Spokane County Fire Protection District 5


Fire District 5 was established in 1954 by a vote of the citizens of the community.

It is governed by three elected Fire Commissioners who serve staggered six year

terms. Commissioners must live within the boundaries of Fire District 5.

What exactly does a Fire Commissioner do?

Board members of Spokane County Fire District 5 carry a great deal of



The Board manages the affairs of the fire protection district, obtain facilities,

equipment and personnel to perform the services provided by the district.

The Board establishes the level of services provided

The Board establishes policies under which the district operates.

The Board insures the district operates within statutory requirements.

The Board selects the Fire Chief and delegates authority to manage day-to-day operations of the Fire District.

Your Fire Commissioners are:

Board Chairman:  Commissioner  Isla Durheim.  Isla was elected in September 2013, was re-elected in November 2013 and her position goes up for election in 2019. 

Vice Chairman: Commissioner Bonnie Cobb.   Commissioner and former Fire Chief for District 5, Bonnie was elected in November of 2015. Her position goes up for election in 2021.

Commissioner:    Commissioner Larry Edmonds was elected in November of 2017. His position goes up for election in 2023